Suzuki Prostock
Suzuki Pro-stock

PHP Bike Source Mechanical engineers are highly skilled expertly trained technicians in diagnosing and repairing the advanced technologies of today's motorcycles. With manufacturer-specific training in Fuel systems. Electrical systems. Engine troubleshooting. Noise diagnosis. and performance. .
The fully trained motorcycle mechanics Pantelis and Erodotos owners of PHP Bikes source are the preferred service and repair center by the main importers and dealers of motorcycles in Cyprus. To mention a few:
Suzuki A.Trikomitis
Benelli C. Phidias
Kawasaki Soteriou
They are the chosen support by these companies to take part in the annual training programs offered around the world for the latest technologies and motorcycle models, constantly increasing and keeping update their knowledge in motorcycle mechanics.

PHP BIKE source is a service and repair center and authorized dealers in Cyprus of, Power commanders and T-force exhaust system.

The only fully trained and certified Dynojet technicians in Cyprus. With the use of the newest state-of-the-art computer technology Dynamometer Model 250i, they are able to simulate road testing conditions. This allows accurate diagnoses of motorcycle problems. Upon repair of these problems it is then possible to fine tune and achieve the best engine performance through custom fuel injection mapping.

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